NEW CD 2020 – “Assorted Sweets” is available!

Assorted Sweets – This is the third release from Kari & the SweetspOts and their most ambitious to date. With thirteen original songs by Kari McAllister, they deliver over an hour of music that can make a mood ring giddy. A blend of new songs and some older pieces never before recorded Kari, Mary, Carl and David do that SweetspOt thing they do so well. So sit back and enjoy some Assorted Sweets.

This effort was co-produced, mixed, and mastered by the talented Jimmy Goings of GFI Entertainment.

We are forever grateful for the guest appearances by David Kaffentti aka “Viv Savage” from the movie “This is Spinal Tap” : piano on “My Light” and “What Lies Ahead” as well as Steffen Kuehn (Pacific Mambo Orchestra) : trumpets on “Living In My Mind”.

CD Graphic Art: Sandra Taylor, The Graphic Page
Band Photo: Susan Munroe Photography
Reclining Nude Mural Art: Sarah Curtiss
Recorded and Mastered at GFI Entertainment –Hayward CA