Band Members

Kari McAllister – Lead Vocal / Songwriter

Kari is about the journey. Her evolution from early Pop bands culminating with the Power Pop band TREND releasing an album in 1987 and then transitioning to front her band, Trans Central Station was simply readying her for what would become Kari & the Sweetspots. Her songwriting is transparent in its focus on the things that bring forth the angst in our lives, the profound moments that often go undetected to the highs of joyous realizations. It is good to want be a Star, but it is much more enjoyable when you share the sky with others. So being surrounded by musicians and friends like Mary West, Carl Grantham and David Stoutamire is what my dream has always been. Kari plays Guitars, Ukulele, Keyboard and loves, LOVES to sing. Her songwriting is from the heart and always with the most important people in mind. OUR FANS!  We LOVE you and would not being doing this otherwise.    

Mary West – Bass, Vocals

Mary West, whose SweetspOt handle is 'Bittersweet', has a double life. By day she teaches music to middle schoolers and by night she rocks the double bass as a Sweetspot. Rock music, with a DOUBLE BASS? Yes. That’s how she rolls. Long time friends, Mary began playing bass with Kari in 2003 with cover band Random Logic and with Kari as a duo in 2006 as the original SweetspOt. "I like to play with a clean structure that let's Kari's lyrics take center stage. My vocal harmonies are just decoration to her great writing." But Mary's voice has become a recognizable staple of the SweetspOt sound. With a Bachelor of Music from CSUH (yes, H is for Hayward), and a teaching credential, she has been teaching music since the 1990s in San Lorenzo Unified School District as a Howling Wolf of Washington Manor Middle School.

Carl Grantham – Violin, Guitar, Vocals

Affectionately referred to as "The Maestro" Carl "Sweet Pea" Grantham brings his strong foundation in the classics as well as his firm grasp of country, rock and the blues to Kari & the Sweetspots. He brings a sweetness as well as hard edges to the songs as he weaves in and out melodically. His percussion playing is always fun, whimsical, and spot-on! Carl has brought a lot to the vocal blending that is a staple of the bands sound.

David Stoutamire – drums

David Stoutamire is the "Mad Scientist" of the group. Never to hard or too soft, but just right to bring out all the best parts of the arrangements. David's voice is also a very welcome addition to the textures. He is the backbeat that can always be depended on. David's early years were focused on jazz-fusion, show choirs and musical theater. He studies acoustics using lasers, takes piano lessons and hopes one day to play an authentic fluent samba.