NEW CD 2020 – “Assorted Sweets” is available! -

Assorted Sweets – This is the third release from Kari & the SweetspOts and their most ambitious to date.

NEW CD 2018 – “Perfect Paradise” is now on sale and ready for your head! - JUST RELEASED, our new CD "Perfect Paradise" and we would love to get one into your hands and then our music into your head.
Our 1st CD – Something Sweet – is available to order - Put description & link to front page for ordering Our 2014 CD “Perfect Paradise”. Is available for sale The six songs feature Steve Burch on guitar as well as Peter Tucker (Jones Gang) on drums. It was recorded and engineered at Red Rooster Studio in Emeryville CA, engineered by Garth Webber. Produced by Kari McAllister. Read more ...

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Perfect Paradise (2018)

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Something Sweet (2014)

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About the Music

Yeah, you look at this collection of players on the stage and wonder: How can they fit to send me good tunes that move my soul?

It’s apparent they come from diverse music backgrounds and life experiences but, amazingly, together their interpretation of Kari’s music evokes the panoply of emotion required by Kari’s uniquely original lyrics.

Unexpectedly one hears everything from love songs that remind one of the bittersweet moments of life to lively tunes that give sweet release from any cares while empowering the listener.

If you are suppressing a “quiet rage” (about anything) within yourself – you will identify with Kari’s lyrics and music.

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